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MRI & Machine Learning: Delays Slowing You Down?

In March of this year, there was an article posted in the Journal of the American College of Radiology (JACR) covering the most common reasons for MRI delays. The top two were patient motion and claustrophobia. They pulled data from nine imaging centers operated by Emory University, and reviewed over 34,000 scans. Of those exams, 17 […]

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Branding! What is it good for? Absolutely everything.

branding your radiology practice

Branding is an important part of any business, doctors and practices included. While many people may not think about branding first when they think about doctors, it’s important to realize that how your brand reflects your practice’s image and your personal image will have a huge impact on your success. The focus of this article […]

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Honing in On Patient-Centered Care, Part 2

patient-centered care

With the health market becoming more and more, competitive patient-centered care is essential to medical practices and hospitals to stay on top. We aren’t likely to see any absence of patient-centered care in 2017–if anything, it’s only going to become more important as we make advancements in the technology we use. In November, I wrote […]

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Getting the Bigger Picture of Radiologist Burnout, Part 2

Does physician care go hand-in-hand with patient care? In October, we addressed how physician burnout can have adverse effects on patient care. Burnout of radiologists has always been looked at as a whole, but Dr. Felix Chew of the University of Washington conducted a study with his colleagues on one specific radiologist subgroup. Study Groups […]

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Honing in On Patient-Centered Care

We’re all familiar with the term “customer satisfaction,” but for many years that did not translate to “patient satisfaction.” Healthcare is becoming more and competitive due to the greater ability patients now have to find and compare providers online. With all of this information available at the touch of a screen, practices would be well-advised to […]

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ACOs — Improve Your Patient Care With an Image Exchange

Harold Welch is the Vice President of Technical Solutions Worldwide at Novarad Corporation, based in American Fork, Utah. Welch has worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years, and is passionate about improving patient care and workflow efficiency for healthcare providers throughout the world. We interviewed Welch about the benefits to an Accountable Care […]

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How will enterprise imaging improve your patient care?

It’s exhausting trying to keep up with every new healthcare technology that crops up day to day. Furthermore, how do you know that these things aren’t just fad technologies? How do you know what’s here to stay (at least until the next big thing comes along in five to ten years)? Does this struggle sound familiar? […]

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Dear Radiologist: 5 Ways to Increase Patient Engagement

As a radiologist, you likely have the ability to affect more patients in one shift than any other physician at your facility may in a week; unfortunately, many patients do not understand the purpose of radiology. In a 2012 survey, 64 percent of patients indicated that they had no idea what radiology’s part was in the care […]

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