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What’s Trending in Healthcare? Top 5 Posts

With so many blogs out there about various medical subjects, it can be hard to keep up on healthcare trends! Here to help you navigate the “good stuff” are five interesting or important posts I picked from the Novarad blog. Are hackers cherry-picking your patient information? The number one concern right now in healthcare (and […]

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Women’s Imaging… What’s Best?

Back in January, I read an article titled The year ahead in radiology: 9 trends to watch in 2016. One of the highlights was “Breast screening debate will continue to rage.” Well, here we are, two months away from 2017, and this was definitely an accurate statement. The most obvious part of it: when women should start […]

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Why AI? The Potential for Computer Minds in Imaging

[vc_column width=”1/2″]Let’s play a quick guessing game. What do the following movies have in common? I, Robot. A Space Odyssey. The Terminator. The Matrix. They address the potential threat machines hold to humanity’s way of life. There is perhaps no greater perpetual source of innovation than the study and development of artificial intelligence. Simultaneously, it […]

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