Southern California Diagnostic Imaging

NovaRad is expanding its client base in California, adding Southern California Diagnostic Imaging to its roster. The clinic recently installed NovaRad ‘s NovaPACS and Nova RIS technologies to help improve reading, workflow, patient scheduling and procedures tracking.

NovaRad ‘s PACS and radiology information system (RIS) were chosen by this clinic as the technologies are among very few that are written by the same company and on the same database. Hardware and software upgrades and costs were also determining factors when making the decision.

“Our powerful system, technological features, full integration and pricing set NovaRad apart time and time again,” said Paul Shumway, vice president at NovaRad. “We look forward to helping Southern California Diagnostic Imaging achieve their goals and improve their business.

NovaPACS is NovaRad ‘s complete, turnkey PACS system offering fast image retrieval, full-feature viewer with intuitive interface, and 7-year on-site archive with off site emergency back up. Full screen viewing, easy to use menus and mouse-based functions are available to help enhance efficiency and referring physicians have complete access to images and reports from any computer. To complement NovaPACS , NovaRad offers Nova RIS. Developed on the same platform as NovaPACS , Nova RIS generates reports, measures profitability and facilitates paperless management of patient records.

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