Single Button Importing of Outside CD’s

Do not forget how easy it is to import outside CD’s with NovaRad and don’t take it for granted. It’s amazing as you move around and show the product to healthcare professionals just how many other competitors and legacy systems do not have an easy process for importing outside CD’s. Remember too you can easily just look at the images if you don’t want to import them.

To IMPORT CD’s go to the admin console then under the STUDIES tab you’ll see IMPORT on the lower right. Insert your CD and ignore the auto launch. Click IMPORT and find your CD drive. Click OK and the system does the rest. Once it’s imported you’ll need to merge it to the correct patient or change the Patient ID to match your facility. Also a helpful hint is to change the Accession number to say OUTSIDE FILMS. That way it’s easily identified within your system and within the patient folder.

To VIEW CD’s just go to FILE in the upper left hand corner of the STUDY BROWSER after inserting the disc. Go to OPEN FROM DIRECTORY and find the CD. Click OK and the images will be loaded into the viewer for viewing that one time and will not be imported permanently. Great for referrings on the floors, or in their offices as well as radiologists on the fly.

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