Radiology: Standing Up to Cancer

How is Radiology Helping Fight Cancer?

In honor of International Stand Up to Cancer Day, September 13, let’s take a look at a few of the newer ways that radiology is helping to fight cancer.

Combining Radiology Reports With AI

A team of scientists at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute have shown that an artificial intelligence (AI) tool can help detect lung cancer using data from “unstructured” radiology reports. In their study, a group of human reviewers trained a computer model to analyze imaging reports and recognize or measure certain outcomes, such as disease-free survival or time to improvement. The AI algorithm had an accuracy similar to human assessments, but performed much faster.

New Infrared Imaging May Better Detect Breast Cancer

Researchers and physicians from the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Rochester Regional Health System (RRHS) have developed a non-invasive, cost-effective way of using infrared technology to detect tumors in challenging, dense breast tissue. This type of imaging, known as thermography, does not induce radiation and does not require contrast material, and is more comfortable for patients.

Radiologists Detect Prostate Cancer With AI

The FocalNet system, an AI system developed by researchers at the University of California Los Angeles, could help radiologists diagnose prostate cancer more accurately. FocalNet evaluates MRI scans to identify prostate cancer and predict its aggressiveness, using an algorithm made up of more than 1 million variables. FocalNet had an accuracy of 80.5 percent, compared to 83.9 percent for radiologists with at least 10 years of experience. This system could help radiologists save time and also guide newer radiologists or residents.

Get Advanced Radiology and Surgery Help

When using surgical approaches for patients with cancer, planning ahead is critical. The Novarad® Opensight® AR system is a pre-surgical planning solution that uses years of advanced imaging experience. To learn more about how Opensight can enhance your surgical practice, or to schedule a demo, contact Novarad today.

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