Pre-population from NovaRIS to the NovaRIS Billing Client

Did you know…?

Most of your patient demographics, procedures, insurance, and physician information pre-populates into the NovaRIS Billing Client from NovaRIS?

This will save users not only time, but will also cut down on a lot of manual input error.

1) Log into NovaRIS.

2) Launch the NovaRIS Billing Client.

3) Click on the Claims menu tab.

4) Use the drop down and click on Unbilled Procedures.

5) Highlight and click on the  Create Claim button.

6) The Add Claim Procedure Window will open.

You will notice the Patient’s name is a light blue color. If users click on the patient name it will open a patient demographics window. Users are able to add or edit information in this window at any time and save.

Once users save the added or edited information, it will integrate back to NovaRIS and update the patient information.

Users are also able to add or change patient insurance information and it will integrate back to NovaRIS and be updated.

To change Insurance information, highlight and click on the Edit button and a four part window will open. Once you are finished editing, click Save. Once you have saved, the information you changed will integrate back to NovaRIS.

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