What to do When Things Change….

So what should you do when you have a change in your operations that requires additional service or equipment from NovaRad to meet the new workflow? Adding new applications and equipment can alter your current workflow greatly and this should not be overlooked as you plan for this.

The first step you need to take is to identify the specific reasons you are adding new abilities to your system. Ask the following:

o What is the workflow? o What is the new project/addition designed to accomplish? o What problem(s) is the project designed to resolve? o How will this new implementation resolve the identified problem(s)? o How does this new project interact with existing workflow?

Most of these questions and many like these can easily be answered by including the right people in the conversation. Make sure you include the clinical folks who’ll be using it and affected by it. You may need the IT/IS staff involved as well as facility management/biomedical if there are infrastructure requirements. Obviously department management and administration will be involved in the approval process, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have all the information needed to appropriately identify what is required and important in the outcome of placing these new features into practice. Ultimately, ask questions to exhaustion to make sure all bases are covered. If you fail here, the rest will come crumbling down behind, in time.

The next step is to relay what you’ve assembled from your exhaustive truth search to NovaRad. We can help you make sense of it all and suggest the best options to gain the abilities you need or require.

Once you have the options, you’ll need to revisit the players from the first step to validate that what NovaRad is proposing meets their needs and matches the requirements for the project. If additional questions come up, you’ll want to share them with all the appropriate players, as well as NovaRad, to ensure nothing is left out.

Now you are ready to proceed to purchasing and preparing for the delivery and install of your new system(s). By following the above steps, you’ll make your project run smoothly while limiting and quite possibly removing all potential problems that could arise if this thorough process was not followed. This will obviously make all parties happy and get your new project off and running without any hitches.

Of course, throughout the process, never hesitate to contact your NovaRad Salesman for assistance and/or advice. We’re always available to help you get the most out of your system(s).

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