Voice Recognition, Is It Good Enough?

Although voice recognition software has its setbacks, the software can streamline and automate your system, saving time and money. In the article The key to a successful standardized structured reporting program? Get radiologists on board. The article points out that people are often the problem, not the technology.

Automatic populated structured reports require radiologist acceptance

Yes, the technology does have its challenges, but persuading a large group of radiologists to standard report practices is the bigger challenge. They gave some pointers on how to make this successful at your facility.

  1. Assemble a workgroup to develop reporting standards, including report organization.

  2. The doctors performed quarterly audits of the system to evaluate consistency and adherence.

  3. They surveyed their radiologists to evaluate impressions and opinions.

The facility was then able to have a more streamlined reporting system that everyone was on board with, and was running smoothly and effectively with less burden and headache.

The Report’s Integral Role

The radiology report plays an integral role in a patient’s treatment plan. It is essential when creating reports that not only are you using reliable voice recognition software and Automated reporting structure. But that the radiologists have confidence in their report skills.

In a Q&A: Writing the Book on Radiology Reports with the author of The Radiology Report: A Guide to Thoughtful Communication for Radiologists and Other Medical Professionals Curtis Langlotz, MD, PhD. He gives guidance to radiologists on their medical reports.

Langlotz addresses how most health care providers were not given through guidance on how to optimize their reports.  He states; “The radiology report continues to be a radiologist’s most important work product”. Langlotz goes on to say that the radiology report is the primary means of patient care.

The problem is rooted in radiologists never being “trained” in reporting skills. They were given the skills to view images and recognize what they are seeing; but not how to report it effectively.

Don’t Point Your Finger at The Technology

No, voice recognition is not perfect, but look how far the technology has come in the last 10 years! Before jumping ship to new voice recognition software, take a look at your facility practices. Maybe assemble a work group of radiologists, review your standardized reporting practices, and ensure your radiologists have the necessary skills to create beneficial effective reports.

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