Top 5 Radiology News Stories of the Week July 21 – 27, 2012

Ever get the feeling you aren’t appreciated as much as you once were? Well, if you are a radiologist your intuition just might be right. “A mere decade ago, radiologists were the belle of the physician recruiting ball, and topped the list of most requested specialists in physician search assignments. Times have changed. Merritt Hawkins has released its 2012 Review of Physician Recruiting Incentives; radiologists have dropped from the most requested specialty in 2003 to 18th in 2011-2012.”

ABUS equals MRI as screening option for dense tissue Aunt Minnie | July 24, 2012

Yet another study suggests that Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) is an effective tool in detecting breast cancer. The study published in the most recent issue of Journal of Diagnostic Medical Sonography found comparable diagnostic reliability between the ABUS and the MRI. ABUS does have disadvantages, including the inability to compress the breast tissue and the ability to view tissue or lesion vascularity. However, advantages to the procedure include that it is not invasive and that it is simple to use with less technical training than an MRI requires, perhaps making it more viable to screen larger groups of people.

Incomplete Documentation Shrinks Your Bottom Line Diagnostic Imaging | July 24, 2012

With imaging rates slowing and reimbursement rates being cut your budget might be getting a little tight. According to a writer for the Journal of the American College of Radiology, many radiologists miss out on about 10% of possible revenue. This article provides some areas to watch for to make sure you get all of the money you are entitled to.

Health Affairs: Imaging growth slowed sharply starting in 2006 Aunt Minnie | July 25, 2012

According to an article recently published in Health Affairs the growth of advanced imaging has slowed to single digit growth.  With a growing population, one would expect growth to continue at a quick pace. The reasons for the slowdown are unclear, perhaps patients are receiving less unnecessary imaging or the dip in the economy could be playing a role. But one thing is definitely clear, the growth rate has slowed, which might be affecting your bottom line.

Prepping Your Radiology Practice for ICD-10 Diagnostic Imaging | July 26, 2012

Currently, the deadline for ICD-10 is slated for October 1, 2013 but, some are speculating it might get pushed back to October 1, 2014. Either way, it is something you need to start preparing for if you haven’t already. This article provides some tips for getting up to speed.

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