SIIM 2012

The Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) was founded 1980 by a small group of individuals who could see that computers would be the wave of the future, especially when it came to medical imaging. Sure, they may have started out as The Radiology Information System Consortium (RISC) and have had a couple name changes since then but their main goal has always been relatively the same, “accessible knowledge in imaging informatics to improve medical practice across the enterprise.”

This year’s SIIM conference definitely fulfilled their objective to make knowledge accessible. There were a number of great speakers who imparted their knowledge to the attendees about making information more accessible, a double whammy in a sense. There were many discussions on the ability of social media to further the level of communication between physicians and patients as well as between hospitals and staff. Better communication can save time and money.

As some of our readers may already know, we were in Orlando, Florida two weekends ago for the annual SIIM conference. We continued with the theme of better communication by convincing hospitals that they should replace their PACS with our PACS system. Our PACS allows easier workflow than our competitors by providing better communication between the physician and PACS. We also provide incredible customer support which enhances the communication between our company and your facility.

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