Risk-Based Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer screenings are always being debated. How often should you get them? At what age should you get them? If you are low-risk, can you be screened less often? If you are high-risk, should you be screened more often?

Patient Education

More than ever, women are beginning to take extreme measures to prevent or treat breast cancer. What can your facility do to reassure women in your screening practices that they are getting the best care, and that you are doing your best to prevent breast cancer in their future?

Statistics prove that creating a high-risk assessment program is good practice.

For women with BRCA 1 or BRCA2 mutations, the risk of breast cancer until age 50 is 51 percent and 87 percent to age 70. Combine these percentages with the significant amount of patients who meet criteria for multiple syndromes that may increase risk.


Patients need a risk-prevention assessment and genetic testing resources. When these services can be performed at the same facility as, their mammography gives patients a strong sense of security and that you are doing what is necessary to keep them healthy.

Patient education is just one part of making your practice a resource for high-risk women. It is crucial to have the support from the imaging team with highly educated technologists, nurses, counselors, etc.

Breast Cancer Prevention Moves Forwards

Breast imaging is no longer about the mammography. It is the MRI, Ultrasound, CT, genetic testing, etc. Now more than half of breast cancers are not connected to any genetic disposition that is why advancements in screening techniques are so critical. However, for women who do have family history, or for women who do not know their family history it is a significant tool.

Ensure your facility is on the cutting edge for all resources in breast cancer prevention. It now goes beyond the initial screening!

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