Radiology Pieces of Interest: New Technology

New technologies have come to the forefront of the medical world that have great potential to greatly benefit the radiology industry. Here are 5 articles that show some of the different technologies and how they will impact both the radiology and healthcare industries.

IBM and MIT team on cognitive computing, machine vision, artificial intelligence for healthcare – Healthcare IT News

This article has massive implications for anyone involved in healthcare. IBM Research and the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT are working together to help create an artificial intelligence that will be able to comprehend input from multiple sources for uses not only in healthcare, but also in education and entertainment.

Olympus launches Visera 4K UHD system for earn, nose, and throat procedures – ITN

Olympus announced that they are going to start taking advantage of the new 4K Ultra-High Definition (UHD) technology. They now have a 4K UHD endoscopy system available for ear, nose, and throat surgeons utilizing the Olympus Visera 4K UHD technology.

This could be the start of more imaging departments taking advantage of the new resolution which is four times clearer than 1080p (which is what most TVs are that have been made in the past 10 years). This new technology has potential to be a great tool because the higher the resolution that the images or video is in, the easier it can be to diagnose an ailment.

The Growth of Interventional Radiology – Diagnostic Imaging

Interventional radiology has been mainly used as a less invasive method for vascular techniques for many years. Recently however, IR has been becoming more popular because of its less invasive, less procedure-drive, and less cost expenditure nature. IR evolution isn’t without its challenges.

Integration and awareness are the challenges that present the biggest problems for IR, but are being addressed and hopefully digital radiology and interventional radiology will be able to be better integrated soon.

PET-guided breast cancer therapy targets specific hormones in individual patients – Health Imaging

A new PET-guided method tracks tumor growth and helps track the ways cancer avoids or resists treatment. This research is monumental in figuring out how cancer can be combated and eradicated. The procedure is also non-invasive and allows physicians more control over treatment.

More women getting screen for breast cancer as CMS’s shared savings program matures – Health Imaging

More women are getting mammograms than ever before and it has been great in identifying breast cancer earlier on for the best possible percentage of getting rid of the cancer completely. CMS’s Shared Savings Program, which was a part of the Affordable Healthcare Plan, has been pivotal in the increase of mammograms.

This post was written by Mike Schwartz, a technical writer with Novarad. 

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