PACS New 8.0 Features:

Priors Routed Automatically

NovaPACS will now route priors to workstations based on the RIS schedule for the next day.  Novarad’s Support team will set up this service for our clients.

Syntermed Nuclear Studies

NovaPACS can now integrate with Syntermed Nuclear Studies viewer and launch Nuclear Medicine studies directly from the Study Browser. Syntermed Nuclear Studies viewer is a new third-party solution that Novarad will be contracting with based on customer demand. Contact Novarad to have this feature enabled.

Dragging and Dropping Images

Users may now drag and drop images into any series space on any monitor. This feature helps to facilitate comparison between images from separate studies.

Editing Annotations

Users may now edit annotations without having to delete or undo them. Users may click and drag annotations to move them, or click and drag edit points to resize/reshape them. Users can also right click an annotation to change its color or font or delete an annotation.

Hanging Protocol Layouts

NovaPACS now offers a new and improved system for managing Hanging Protocols.

Users may now define multiple Hanging Protocols for each modality and define multiple Layouts for each Hanging Protocol. Within each Layout, users may now filter individual Image Boxes to display only certain types of images. This allows users to easily create, manage, and navigate between the specific views they prefer for each study type.

Inserting RIS Standard Report in Dictation

Users may now insert a Radiology Information System (RIS) Standard Report at any point in a current dictation without deleting previous information.

Insert RIS Standard Report Option Box

The Insert Standard Report option has been improved. Users may now more easily view and navigate the list of standard report options.

Preview Diagnostic Reports

Users can now preview diagnostic reports directly from the Study Browser without having to open a prior study.

Users can access this feature by clicking on the Report button in the Patient History list to open the report in a separate window, or by selecting the Report tab in the Series list to quickly view the report in the current window.

View Images from other PACS

NovaPACS may now be used as a viewer for a third-party PACS system.

Configure Arrow Annotations

Users can now configure the way arrow annotations are drawn in the Image Viewer.

By default arrows will be drawn tail to head, meaning that the tail end of the arrow will be planted where the user first clicks and the pointed end of the arrow will be dragged to the desired position before releasing the mouse button.

Users can now choose to reverse this by selecting Draw arrow annotations head to tail in the Study Browser’s Options menu. When selected, an arrow annotation will be drawn with the pointed end of the arrow planted where the user first clicks and the tail end of the arrow dragged away from the point to the desired length and direction.

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