Novarad to launch Ncompass Enterprise Imaging Solution at HIMSS 2017

American Fork, UTAH—Utah-based healthcare technology company Novarad will be launching its Ncompass Enterprise Imaging Solution at HIMSS 2017.

The Ncompass™ Enterprise Imaging Solution manages healthcare facility information by providing an efficient workflow for managing both DICOM and non-DICOM images throughout the hospital. It consists of three parts: a vendor neutral archive (VNA), the Ncompass Universal Viewer, and Clinical Workflow Modules.

Ncompass creates a complete patient record as well as improves security and HIPAA compliance by transitioning the storage of images and patient information from hard drives, disks and USB drives to a vendor neutral archive (VNA). The VNA is indexed by patient, which improves workflow and removes the need for disparate archives throughout the hospital.

The solution also includes the Ncompass Universal Viewer, a zero-footprint patient viewer that can image-enable the EMR. The viewer is accessible on any device via a web browser. This allows providers at the point of care to better engage their patients by creating a visual Patient Storyboard™ that displays patient information from all departments in a single screen.

The Patient Storyboard™ is a unique imaging support tool that is capable of displaying any type of clinical multimedia. The storyboard creates an opportunity for clinicians, whether bedside or in an office visit, to have a discussion with their patient about their care supported by a full imaging record that aids the communication process.

“Novarad designs products for an enterprise environment. We’ve combined years of imaging experience with a standards-based approach to all our software,” said Fred Trovato, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Sales with Novarad, “In fact, the key message behind a standards-based product is enterprise imaging—it is interoperability. We don’t store anything in a proprietary format because we want providers to be able to share images back and forth regardless of vendor.”

In an effort to create a compliant and standards-based solution, Novarad participated in the RSNA Image Share™ validation in conjunction with the Sequoia Project™ to ensure that they contributed to the future of patient care. The company also saw the need for out-of-network facilities to share both DICOM and non-DICOM each other, and developed an image exchange network that allows facilities to access relevant patient information while maintaining patient privacy and data security.

Those interested in learning more about the Ncompass may visit the company at HIMSS, booth 6751, visit or follow the company on Twitter, @NovaradCorp. HIMSS 2017 will take place Feb. 19 through 23 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Fla.

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Dr. Wendell Gibby, a radiologist with a vision for technology’s role in the continuous improvement of medical imaging systems, founded Novarad in 1990. The company’s expertise in the three phases of enterprise imaging—viewing, workflow, and storage—allows it to customize meaningful enterprise imaging solutions to fit the unique needs of each healthcare professional. Globally, the company has installed over 850 customized solutions with KLAS-confirmed, market-leading retention rates. Visit Novarad at for more information.

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