NovaRad Installs ClinicPACS at Greater Michigan Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine

May 20, 2010

American Fork, Utah, – May 17, 2010 – Greater Michigan Orthopaedics and Sport Medicine, a division of Michigan Surgery Specialists, P.C., in Warren Michigan installed NovaRad’s ClinicPACS to make their orthopedic preoperative planning completely digital.

Greater Michigan Orthopaedics is operated by Dr. Steven Plomartis. With a new state-of-the-art build out, the facility has made the final step to streamlining its practice by installing ClinicPACS. Completing more than 7,000 studies last year, with ClinicPACS, Greater Michigan Orthopaedics anticipates its volume to further increase.

Additionally, Greater Michigan Orthopaedics anticipates ClinicPACS to save both its patients and technicians time. Orthopedists have the ability to view images during patient consultation through a patient room control console or to access images remotely. All images and preoperative plans are archived in NovaPACS for fast and easy retrieval.

The orthopedic planning templates enables the surgeon to develop a surgical plan using the digital images stored in ClinicPACS. With accurate scaling and a variety of automated tools and wizards, the surgeon can perform digital templating for hip, knee, trauma, upper and lower extremities, and for deformity-correction.

ClinicPACS is a complete clinic solution that includes PACS, Admin Console, orthopedic trauma tools and templates, and patient room image distribution system combined with a robust, hard working CR in a single, integrated and affordable package. Installation of ClinicPACS was completed in four weeks. A great deal of work was done upfront so that the Dr. Plomartis and his staff were prepared for the roll out. Numerous online videoconferences were held in addition to hands on training, which eliminated any downtime.

“These clinics will now have the power of a complete PACS with the convenience of integrated orthopedic tools and templates in one package,” said Paul Shumway, NovaRad vice president. “We are pleased to have earned the confidence and enthusiasm of the facility and look forward to assisting them to achieve their growth and efficiency goals.”

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