Novarad and Nuance Custom Powerscribe 360 Integration

The majority of Novarad’s resources go into developing our products and as part of that, we’re always looking for things we can do to make your software work more for you. One of our most recent accomplishments is a special custom integration with Nuance’s Powerscribe 360 Dictation Software and NovaPACS.

In collaboration with Nuance, we have completed a custom deep integration with the latest Powerscribe 360. The Powerscribe 360 integration does the following:

  1. Allows doctors to run the product either from NovaPACS or from Powerscribe

  2. Includes autolaunching of Powerscribe when signing into the PACS system

  3. Includes the ability to park a dictation when using Powerscribe

  4. Allows seamless communication of study information and status between the two systems

Inconveniences in dictation throughout the healthcare industry include the repetitive and often time-consuming opening and closing of separate programs, the doubt as to whether or not a study has been updated correctly, and the discrepancies in communication between whichever programs you choose to use for imaging and for dictation.

“We are one of a small handful of PACS vendors that have completed this kind of integration,” said David GrandPre, Director of Implementation at Novarad.

This integration allows healthcare professionals to run NovaPACS or PowerScribe from either program. It also includes auto-launching of PowerScribe when signing into PACS, the ability to park a dictation when using PowerScribe, and the seamless communication of study information and status between the two systems.

We are one of a small handful of PACS vendors that have accomplished this level of integration. We look forward to having you try out this new product addition, and sincerely hope that it helps to make your life easier!

If you would like to learn more about this, please contact your Novarad account manager or Novarad support.

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PowerScribe® 360 is a registered trademarks of Nuance Communications, Inc. The term “Nuance” refers to Nuance Communications.

Media Contact: Kristi Alvarado, Media Relations Contact at Novarad | 801.642.1001 |

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