Novarad and Flexible Informatics Unveil Comprehensive Cardiology PACS and CVIS

NovaCardio’s single-click work flow, easy-to-set preferences and auto display of prior studies eases image viewing. The NovaCardio workstation is optimized to view large motion-based ultrasound and cineangiographic images at full spatial and temporal resolution.

The EncaptureMD medical reporting platform with “smart” diagnostic and report-building tools speeds and simplifies report creation and turnaround, billing, lab inventory management, scheduling, accreditation assistance and provides sophisticated administrator dashboards for real time evaluation of lab workflow.

This combined cardiology solution supports echocardiogram, vascular ultrasound, nuclear medicine and cardiac catheterization modalities. NovaCardio is a single access point for cardiology and radiology studies from the same application and workstation. Complete interfaces to EMR, EHR, HIS, PACS and other HL7 and DICOM-compliant systems are provided. And, all Novarad applications utilize a single database.

“Novarad has built its reputation developing some of the best, state-of-the-art medical imaging technologies and creating alliances with other industry leaders to help our customers improve workflow, productivity and patient service,” said Novarad Corporation Senior Product Manager Steve Fowler. “Our powerful, easy-to-use and affordable cardiology viewer offers cine and other specialized tools to meet the specific viewing needs of cardiologists and through our partnership with Flexible Informatics, a fast, easy-to-use and completely configurable platform for producing accredited medical procedure reports.”

As with all Novarad medical imaging systems, NovaCardio includes disaster recovery, 24/7 remote support and software and hardware refresh to protect against obsolescence.

About Novarad

For more than a decade, Novarad,, has filled the niche of providing a full range of affordable RIS, orthopedic, cardio, mammography and PACS systems, DR and peripherals to hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. The privately owned company based in American Fork, Utah currently has installations of its product at more than 720 sites worldwide. Novarad offers a subscription-pricing model that combines the department’s image load with the number of radiology workstations required to determine low up-front fee with a fixed recurring monthly fee.

About Flexible Informatics

Flexible Informatics ( a software and services company based near Philadelphia, PA, provides EncaptureMD, a robust, cost-effective, multi-tenant hosted medical informatics solution for Cardiology and Radiology. Founded by physicians, Dr. Craig Scott and Dr. Kevin Duffy, Flexible Informatics provides cutting-edge technology for doctors and support staff.

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Mike Simon, Flexible Informatics 800-399-7035

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