Novarad Adds Three PACS Hospital Installations in Sunflower State

American Fork, Utah, April 17, 2012 – Three community hospitals in Kansas are the latest facilities to select Novarad’s NovaPACS for their radiology departments:

  1. Hanover Hospital in Hanover

  2. Herington Municipal Hospital in Herington. Radiologists from Manhattan Radiology provide interpretive services for the exams

  3. Kiowa District Hospital in Kiowa Browns Medical Imaging, a Novarad distributor, facilitated the three contracts.

Because all three of the hospitals have exams interpreted at other facilities, the capability within NovaPACS to assign cases to radiologist-specific worklists and then edit, remover and move exams is helping to simplify the workflow process for the hospitals’ radiologic technologists and improve overall efficiency in the departments.

NovaPACS web-based PACS system can be completely customized by the user and includes MPR, rapid reading / reporting features, voice recognition, templating, advanced tools and features, critical findings, quality control and overread and discrepancy reporting. NovaRIS,  a state-of-the-art radiology information system that was developed on the same platform as NovaPACS, generates reports, measures profitability and facilitates paperless management of patient records.

About Novarad:

With more than 800 installations worldwide, Novarad is the healthcare community’s trusted provider of radiology technologies and enterprise imaging solutions. Novarad’s full diagnostic suite of PACS, RIS, cardiology, and mammography systems increase radiology efficiency and deliver unmatched value. Novarad products are consistently top rated, are easy to use, and come with lifetime upgrades and the best support in the business. Images and reports are available anytime, anywhere via the full diagnostic viewer, iPad or any mobile device.

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