New Website, Cost-Based ROI Calculator for EI

SALT LAKE CITY (March 2, 2018) – Novarad, a Utah-based medical software company, has announced the launch of its new website located at, including richer content and a convenient, hard cost-based enterprise imaging ROI Calculator.

Novarad’s Enterprise Imaging ROI Calculator uses an equation based on market observation and in-house research that takes into account hard costs such as number of images per month per department, specialty viewers, hospital beds, and more.

“One of the unexpected challenges with transitioning to an Enterprise Imaging solution is that there isn’t an identified budget or funding available at the facility,” said Daniel Ruppar, Global Program Director of Digital Health with Frost and Sullivan. “Novarad’s ROI calculator will help decision makers identify operational savings that can offset costs associated with the upgrade.”

The new website will help visitors find desired information both quickly and efficiently and will provide a more positive online experience for those interacting with Novarad’s content. In addition to the ROI Calculator, the company’s new website will contain a wealth of rich information including new whitepapers, case studies, videos, articles, and more.

To learn more about Novarad, please visit our new website,, or follow us on Twitter, @NovaradCorp.

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Founded by a radiologist over 20 years ago, Novarad has demonstrated Best in KLAS expertise in the three phases of enterprise imaging—viewing, workflow, and storage—which allows it to customize meaningful enterprise imaging solutions to fit the unique needs of each healthcare professional. Providing both easily deployed modular products and fully customizable enterprise imaging solutions, the company has installed over 1000 systems globally with KLAS-confirmed, market-leading retention rates. The company is best known for product functionality and constant development; its products have a reputation for being easy to learn and use, yet feature-rich for even the most advanced users. Visit to learn more.

Media Contact: Kristi Alvarado, Media Relations Contact at Novarad | 801.642.1001 |

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