Major Philippines Hospital Expands Imaging Relationship with Novarad

MANILA, Philippines (June 6, 2017) – Novarad Corporation, a leader in the development of medical imaging software, has renewed a PACS contract and entered into agreement for three additional products with major Philippines hospital, Makati Medical Center.

Makati Medical Center, located in Manila, Philippines, is a 600-bed tertiary hospital established in 1969 that provides a wide range of services. The hospital is home to 17 different clinical departments, 43 subsections, and a host of other subspecialties.

The hospital has used Novarad’s PACS and RIS systems successfully for the past seven years, and cites ease of use, quick turnaround, and streamlined workflow among its reasons for staying with Novarad.

“Decisions are made quicker, we don’t need to wait, and if I have any doubts as to what I’m looking at I can collaborate with the radiologist online, on the NovaPACS system,” said Dr. Johnny Sinon, Medical Director and ED Consultant with Makati Medical. “It’s a blessing for all of us.”

Novarad’s software will also allow Makati Medical Center to offer greater benefits to its patients.

“We’re getting NovaDose not because it is a requirement, but to make sure we give the lowest radiation possible to our patients,” said Dr. Jackson Dy, Head of Radiology with Makati Medical. “We also want to provide patients with data that they can use later on in regards to their exposure rates and their medical histories.”

To inquire about Novarad products, or to obtain more information on the companies offerings, please visit our website,, or follow us on Twitter, @NovaradCorp. For more information about Makati Medical Center, please visit the hospital’s website,

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