Changes in Dose Monitoring…. Are you ready?

Change in reductions

Much like new CMS standards for reimbursement affecting computed radiography (CR) and digital radiography (DR). The same is affecting CT machines and Dose Monitoring.

The NEMA Standard XR-29 includes DICOM-compliant radiation dose structured reporting, automatic exposure control, dose check features, including adult and pediatric protocols.

As you all know Equipment not in compliance By Jan. 1 of last year was subject to a 5% reduction on diagnostic CT procedures. But, did you know starting Jan. 1 of this year the reduction increased to 15%?

This is per scan of diagnostic CT procedures billed in a physician office or hospital outpatient setting. If your facility bills both inpatient and outpatient CT scans on the same scanner, this only applies to your scans billed as outpatient.

Is your machine in compliance?

Don’t know if your CT is XR-29 compliant? Do you feel like you need to run out and buy a new machine? Block Imaging posted A Guide to Checking Your System for XR-29 Compliance. Here is a rundown:

  1. Ask your OEM

  2. Ask your equipment manufacturer, preferably personnel from sales or marketing.

  3. Check your AEC

  4. This would be a proprietary name. Look for the product name associated with your scanner. If your console shows the corresponding name as enabled, your scanner should meet the AEC requirement.

  5. There should be a way to control AEC from the control panel on your CT system.

  6. Check for Dose Check

  7. Dose Check is a NEMA standard. Talk to your manufacturer, they may be able to install free of charge.

  8. Check for Reference Protocols

  9. Check for DICOM Radiation Dose Structured Reporting

The next step

Once checking your machine you want to make sure, you have the best solutions in place to keep your facility up to date. For more information on dose monitoring solutions, check out our previous blog Why Dose Management.

Dose monitoring is not going away. As time goes on these requirements, will increase and begin to involve all modalities besides CT. There are solutions already out there that can be the solution now for all your devices. Giving you the edge ahead of your competitors, and what is coming down the pipe from regulators.

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