Anecdotal Proof That Even the Radiology Gods Need a Business Dashboard

[image type=”none” float=”none” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover”]Every once in a while, something happens that just makes you think why is it always me?

For example, imagine you work at a hospital where wait times are at an all-time high, yet revenue stays the same. What could cause something like that? Bueller? Bueller?

The answer is simple. Air conditioning.

Having a broken A/C unit and techs and patients who don’t want anything to do with it leads to higher wait times and stagnant revenue. The next obvious question is how did they track down this issue?

Yet another simple answer: business dashboard.

Hospital administrators were able to see that one specific room wasn’t getting any procedures scheduled. Then they asked around as to why no one was scheduling in that room, and next thing they knew they were right back on track with their revenue-to-wait time ratio.

This, of course, is a silly example. If your air-conditioning was out in one room, it’s likely you would know. However, it isn’t always easy to pinpoint your facility’s hidden problems.

Maybe the slightly older MRI machine in room six isn’t pulling its weight anymore—but at first glance, it’s impossible to tell.

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Parts of your facility could be sucking your money away or worse, preventing your facility from bringing in new revenue. Before going out and buying new equipment or hiring more staff members, however, it’s important to be able to understand what changes would actually contribute to the bottom line.


There are many factors in a healthcare facility that contribute to the bottom line. A business dashboard like NovaDash is the ideal program to help you keep everything organized and running smoothly.

Being able to see real-time “big data” with the help of such software can help you:

  1. Find problem areas quicker, leading to quicker solutions

  2. Measure controls and performance

  3. Improve your quality-of-care metrics and increase your value-based healthcare

  4. Market your site by using the metrics and measures

Dashboard software is also one of the best ways facilities can control workflow consolidation.

Sites can track assigned cases as well as value-based metrics to help raise your reimbursement grade, improve compliance, and reduce your length of stay as well as being able to help meet the ever-changing regulatory scheme by being able to identify bottlenecks like broken air conditioning, and performance problems by showing users performance indicators, physician activity, and turnaround time reports.


A good enterprise dashboard software has the ability to show you an immense amount of real-time information, including hospital comparison, modality usage by referring physician, repeat analysis, and even room revenue analysis.

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Another important aspect for your dashboard software is that it should be user configurable so cater to your specific site. Some of the more common customizable reports that can be viewed are:

  1. Hospital Comparison

  2. Modality by referring physician

  3. Repeat Analysis

  4. Room revenue analysis

By utilizing all of these different customizations along with all of the different reports and comparisons, you can maximize your sites revenue and keep your workflow efficiency and all of those other fancy business words running at their highest potential.

To learn more about NovaDash, or request a free consultation, click here.

This post was written by Mike Schwartz, a Technical Writer at Novarad.

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