One Step Diagnostic in Houston, TX selects NovaRIS

American Fork, Utah, Oct. 19, 2010 – One Step Diagnostic in Houston, Texas selected NovaRIS from NovaRad for its Open MRI clinic.
NovaRIS will benefit the clinic by simplifying and electronically scheduling and tracking procedures, exam status, revenues, insurance payouts and staff productivity. NovaRIS also saves time for IT departments as it seamlessly integrates with a facility’s existing HIS or PACS system.
Featuring voice recognition and transcription, NovaRIS also contains specialized worklists and interfaces for administrative assistants, technologists, radiologists, transcriptionists, and billing specialists.
Additional NovaRIS features include:
– Scheduling
– Auto Fax and auto e-mail
– HIPAA logging
– HL7 interfaces
– Electronic signature for radiologists
– Audit trail
NovaRad developed NovaRIS on the same platform as its PACS product, NovaPACS. Together, the systems enable fast retrieval of images and information from any web-enabled computer.
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