Novarad’s Revolutionary New Model for Advanced Visualization Image Processing

Dr. Wendel Gibby, founder and CEO of Novarad, will be showing the latest from Novarad research and development in his own booth at RSNA.  Stop by Booth  # 8810 for a preview of these exciting features.  

Novarad makes 3D available on every PACS workstation – faster, cheaper, higher quality imaging!

The problem with the traditional model for 3D image reconstruction is the amount of processing power required to process the large data sets. Our competitors prefer to sell their cost-prohibitive model consisting of a proprietary server and dedicated workstation – just for 3D. Novarad™ provides a better way.

It’s the GPU revolution!

Now you can perform 3D and other advanced visualization functions right from your NovaPACS™ diagnostic workstation. By processing graphics directly on an inexpensive, mass-produced gamer graphics card (GPU), NovaPACS processes graphics 100-300 times faster than our competitors from your single, off-the-shelf Dell workstation housing our NovaPACS.

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