Novarad’s Response to Ransomware Issues

In recent days, Healthcare and other organizations around the world have reported having been affected by “ransomware” software – a type of malware that prevents access to one’s own data until a “ransom” is paid to the perpetrators through untraceable online channels.  If a system becomes compromised, your organization’s options would be to either pay the “ransom” fees online, as the perpetrators demand, or reinstall the entire system and restore all data files from backup.

This type of malware is not new.  It typically gets into a system when a user is tricked into opening an email containing the malware or an internet link to the malware.

At this time Novarad management has not heard of any Novarad customers who have been infected by this malware.

While no system is foolproof, Novarad’s default policies are designed to help keep your organization from being infected and are as follows:

  1. No third party software running on Novarad systems that are not part of Novarad’s standard offering.
  2. Windows security updates are applied automatically as they are received from Microsoft.
  3. Anti-malware software is installed and configured to apply updates as soon as they are available.

If purchased, recovery features of Novarad’s system include:

  1. Two full redundant, separate copies of data and redundant servers in case one of them becomes unavailable.
  2. Automatic offsite backup of images databases backup.

What customers should do if they think they have been infected:

  1. Shut down the infected system immediately.
  2. Contact Novarad Support and those responsible in your organization for handling malware.

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