Novarad KLAS Rankings for 2012

The new Best in KLAS Awards for Software & Services were recently released and we think Novarad’s rankings are something to crow about!  In the General PACS category we were not ranked –  there were not enough respondents, –  but Novarad received an overall score of 87.8 which is a rating change of +3%.  And, 100% of those responding said they would buy Novarad’s NovaPACS again!

In the Community PACS category Novarad’s NovaPACS was ranked #2 with an overall score of 87.9.  In Ambulatory PACS we were rated #5 with an overall score of 84.3.

In the Community RIS category Novarad was again ranked #2 with an overall score of 87.0.  In the Ambulatory RIS category, Novarad’s Radiology Information System was ranked #1 with an overall score of 86.8!


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