Novarad – KLAS Partnership

Our partnership with KLAS helps us keep our finger on the pulse of our customers. By listening and responding to their feedback we know how to best address common customer needs and challenges. However, most end-users are unfamiliar with KLAS and what they do. To better educate our customer base, here are some Frequently Asked Questions about KLAS.

Who is KLAS?

KLAS is an independent research company whose mission is to create a culture of accurately, honestly and impartially reflecting and amplifying the provider voice within the healthcare IT marketplace. The scope of their research is constantly changing and expanding to meet the needs of the market. KLAS keeps their finger on the pulse of the market by personally interviewing 95% of the healthcare professionals who provide feedback. This ensures that the information KLAS provides and distributes is accurate and reflective of actual customers.

How does KLAS improve your experience as a healthcare provider?

KLAS is an independent resource that gives healthcare providers accurate, honest and impartial information surrounding healthcare IT vendors and their products and services. By providing KLAS with accurate product feedback, you directly benefit the healthcare community by allowing those making a buying decision to make the most informed decision possible.

How does Novarad benefit from your KLAS feedback?

The executive team at Novarad closely monitors the information and data provided to us by KLAS. By providing KLAS with candid feedback regarding your experience with us, you help our decision makers understand what internal improvements can be made to our product and processes that will directly benefit our current and future customers.

How does KLAS collect data?

KLAS collects data through online surveys and interviews. As a healthcare provider, you can proactively go to their website at any time and share your insights using their online survey. KLAS will then follow up with you to validate and clarify your responses. KLAS may also choose to reach out to you directly to hear your feedback even though you did not fill out an online survey. Either way, the questions are the same.

How can you participate?

When contacted by KLAS, you can provide them with feedback related to your experience with Novarad.

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