SnapView® App for Secure Image Capture from iOS Devices

SALT LAKE CITY—March 1, 2018—Novarad Corporation, a leader in the development of medical imaging software, created the mobile application, SnapView™, which allows personnel to use supported iOS devices to capture images without leaving behind any PHI.

“The Bring-Your-Own-Device movement has been beneficial for the healthcare industry, no doubt,” said Fred Trovato, Executive Vice President of Sales with Novarad. “But there are still so many challenges involved with protecting a patient’s data on your own device. Although we’ve had our smartphones and other devices for a while, there hasn’t been a standard way to track that information and safeguard against HIPAA violations. The SnapView app is an effortless way to guard against that.”

Integrating non-DICOM images into healthcare image management workflows remains a challenge for many healthcare facilities. ER patient snapshots, wound care photos, videos and other visible light images are still being lost outside of EHRs and Enterprise Imaging systems. All patient images must be managed for HIPAA compliance and to prevent the release of Protected Health Information (PHI).

Within Ncompass Enterprise Imaging™, the SnapView app allows personnel to use supported iOS devices to capture images without leaving behind any PHI.  Healthcare workers first take a scan of the patient’s ID wristband, then the patient.  Image files are routed past the device’s memory and transferred directly to the Ncompass Universal Archive™.

Those interested in learning more about the SnapView mobile solution may visit the company at HIMSS, booth 8015, visit or follow the company on Twitter, @NovaradCorp. HIMSS will take place March 5 through 9.

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For over 20 years, Novarad has enabled healthcare providers to solve their imaging problems through its full diagnostic suite. Today, Novarad’s specialized enterprise imaging and workflow solutions continue to improve upon industry standards and empower healthcare providers everywhere to solve problems. Through customizable workflow and imaging solutions, Novarad encompasses medical imaging needs. Visit Novarad at for more information.

Media Contact: Kristi Alvarado, Media Relations Contact at Novarad | 801.642.1001 |

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