AlertView™ App for Imaging Report Review

SALT LAKE CITY—March 1, 2018—Novarad Corporation, a leader in the development of medical imaging software, created the mobile application, AlertView™, to accelerate healthcare by notifying physicians via text message that reports and findings are ready for review.

“I see it as a win-win for facilities, physicians and patients,” said Phyllis Redd, Imaging Director with Jackson Purchase Medical Center. “If a radiologist can push information out through a notification, instead of waiting on the phone for the referring physician and ending up five or six studies behind, then that’s faster, better patient care.”

AlertView makes healthcare more efficient by eliminating unnecessary delays in the review of imaging reports. The AlertView app instantly sends a text message to referring physicians, radiologists or cardiologists alerting them that a report is ready for review. No matter where they are, they can review with one click on the text message, and have this instantly shared with other medical care professionals.

This type of mobile communication and collaboration improves patient outcomes while minimizing disruptions for primary care physicians and hospital staff. The app’s unique features include secure login with TouchID, a dynamic patient list to enable quick searches, extensive filtering including modality and time filters, a convenient basic report view along with an in-depth full report view, display of all key images in the study, and enhanced data security through deep linking.

“Security is a major component of the application,” said Harold Welch, Vice President of Technical Solutions Worldwide with Novarad. “Medical information needs to be well protected yet readily available to authorized users, and that’s where the deep-linking comes in. The app is first protected by the mobile phone user’s passwords and fingerprints, and then protected further with a quick security question just prior to opening your first study After that, the server recognizes that device as safe and the referring physician can access studies with a simple swipe and a fingerprint scan.”

Those interested in learning more about the AlertView mobile solution may visit the company at HIMSS, booth 8015, visit or follow the company on Twitter, @NovaradCorp. HIMSS will take place March 5 through 9. The app is available for download on the App Store.

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For over 20 years, Novarad has enabled healthcare providers to solve their imaging problems through its full diagnostic suite. Today, Novarad’s specialized enterprise imaging and workflow solutions continue to improve upon industry standards and empower healthcare providers everywhere to solve problems. Through customizable workflow and imaging solutions, Novarad encompasses medical imaging needs. Visit Novarad at for more information.

Media Contact: Kristi Alvarado, Media Relations Contact at Novarad | 801.642.1001 |

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