Novarad Introduces Cloud-based PACS for Small Offices

American Fork, Utah, – April 20, 2012 – Novarad introduces a cloud-based version of its PACS, ReadyPACS, specifically for small medical offices with imaging capability. ReadyPACS is for use by offices that generate up to 20 studies per day and use up to two modalities. The PACS system includes a complete diagnostic tool set with standard viewing features: window level, colorize, Cobb angle, zoom, pan, scroll, etc., and 7-year off-site archive protection.

“If the price of PACS has been an issue for small offices, then ReadyPACS has removed that barrier to entry with low per study fee pricing and by putting images on the cloud,” said Paul Shumway, senior vice president, Novarad Corporation. “Getting started is almost instantaneous requiring configuring plug-n-play secure, DICOM image routing appliance and physicians are ready to begin reading studies on their own hardware.” ReadyPACS is available only through Certified Novarad Resellers in the U.S.

About Novarad

For more than a decade, Novarad,, has filled the niche of providing a full range of affordable PACS, mammography, orthopedic, cardio and radiology information¬†systems, DR and peripherals to hospitals, clinics and imaging centers. The privately owned company based in American Fork, Utah currently has installations of its product at more than 800 sites worldwide. Novarad offers a subscription-pricing model that combines the department’s image load with the number of radiology workstations required to determine low up-front fee with a fixed recurring monthly fee.

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