NOVARAD Installs PACS at Two Kentucky Clinics

Kentucky women’s clinics Partners in Women’s Health and Advocates in Women’s Health, both located in Louisville, are the latest to install NOVARAD’s NovaPACS to help improve reading, workflow, patient scheduling and procedures tracking.

The clinics are a part of the Women’s Diagnostics Center medical group practice that performs more than 50,000 procedures annually. Focused on breast cancer detection through mammography screenings, these facilities are dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care with the most advanced equipment available.

NovaPACS provides off-site emergency backup as a safeguard for patient’s critical image data. Physicians have easy anywhere access to all the tools and information he/she needs and by providing extremely fast image loading.

Since the installation, Partners in Women’s Health and Advocates in Women’s Health facilities have already realized a return on their investment. The PACS system has also simplified and streamlined the sharing of studies with other clinics in the medical group. NovaPACS provides a complete solution that includes CR, a high resolution mammography printer, viewer/workstations for mammography, off-site disaster recovery, redundant on-site RAID 5 servers, document scanning, film digitizer and software and hardware replacement at no additional charge.
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