3 Reasons to Come to User Group

Writer’s Log. Stardate 95203.79.

Novarad’s User Group — Novarad Connect — is steadily approaching and despite their best efforts, the Cardassians have not lessened our resolve to attend this User Group. Command has tasked my ship to send out a transmission to other less-enthusiastic starships in the sector with information about Novarad Connect.

Augmented Reality Assisted Surgery

Novarad has hinted about some very groundbreaking technology that they will be showcasing at Novarad Connect and I intend to give a full account to my superiors on how this technology can help the Federation. This “OpenSight” software has already been used in assisting with a back pain alleviation procedure and is currently awaiting FDA approval.

It uses the Hololens, a device that one places on their head and uses the same technology has one of our holodecks to project images that are not real in front of one’s eyes! It’s simply fascinating.

Beautiful Locations

We’re going back to my home planet of Earth from the Gamma Quadrant and I am excited to report that we will be visiting two sites that are extraordinarily beautiful; Nashville, and Salt Lake City. Both locations offer beautiful scenery, although most scenery seems beautiful after staring out at hyperspace from a viewport for the past few weeks.

There will be plenty to do after the user group on Wednesday and Thursday although that is not the main mission, a little sight-seeing never hurt anyone not wearing a red uniform. That’s the good thing about being a medical officer – very few away missions.

System and Workflow Optimization

Novarad is promises engineers on site to help with workflow optimization as well as have a presentation on system optimization for things that are easily forgotten, as well as complex systems such as HL7.

The engineers will be heading up a personalized optimization consultation. Any commander would find this valuable as well as informative – a commander without the proper knowledge is no commander at all.

End Log Entry.


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