Nova3D+: Advanced Visualization Software

Novarad has engineered an advanced visualization software which differs from the two standard models that exist in the marketplace today. The two current models are first, a CPU-based server that renders the images for the client, before viewing them. The second is a system where the images are rendered using a proprietary 3D image reconstruction card. Both systems have various drawbacks, but the two at the forefront are speed and cost, respectively.

Novarad’s Nova3D+ Advanced Visualization software differs from these two types of systems by rendering images locally by taking advantage of a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). These inexpensive image processing systems, traditionally used for computer games, are up to 1,500 times faster than the CPUs used presently.

With the ability to render full resolution images in real time, Nova3D+ allows you to read, sculpt and analyze large data sets on the fly, allowing you to make a more accurate reading in less time. Nova3D+ also allows you to perform other advanced visualization techniques such as Time Domain Imaging (TDI), Vessel Metrics, Virtual Colonoscopy and PET/CT fusion.

With this complete visualization product, you can read and dictate directly into NovaPACS, as they are designed and built by the same engineering team with seamless integration. This time-saving integration couples the power of 3D Visualization and NovaPACS to deliver a powerful, cost-effective tool to help you read and view more accurately.

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