No Blues Just Solutions

HCP-logoThis week we are in Miami, Florida attending the Health Connect Partners Radiology and Imaging Conference. This conference functions on a slightly different premise. The first night the sponsors (Novarad included) host hospitality suites for the attendees. The next day the roles reverse and we visit the facilities at their individual booths to discuss how we can best meet their needs.

Last night we began to alleviate the blues of radiology facilities by throwing a Blues Brothers themed party complete with Jake, Elwood, and the Penguin. We had a blast and our guest’s blues began to fade away. Today, as we go around to various facility execs, we know that we are not only going get rid of their blues but make them ecstatic with the incredible solutions we can offer them.


You might recognize our very own Bob Ahlman (Elwood), Harold Welch (Jake) , and Vanessa Housel (The Penguin).

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