New Installations in South Dakota and Michigan

South Dakota County Hospital Chooses NovaRad for ClinicPACS, our tool for orthopaedic surgeons. Check out the article in Imaging Economics!

And here’s another great article in Healthcare Technology called “NovaRad Completes Michigan Installation In Two Days”. Here’s en excerpt from the article:

Completing in excess of 30 digital mammography studies per day and a large number of general studies and ultrasound, Troy Internal Medicine anticipates its volume to increase to more than 30,000 radiology exams this year.

“After a great deal of research and evaluation of available PACS, we know we made the right choice by installing NovaPACS,” said Karen Omilian, manager at Troy Internal Medicine, P.C. “We are already more efficient in our report turn around times and our physicians are now accessing studies online, which they were not able to do prior to the installation of NovaPACS. We have almost completely eliminated the use of film and analog supplies.”

NovaRad was selected because it offered a complete solution that included CR, a high resolution mammography printer, viewer/workstations for mammography, off-site disaster recovery, redundant on-site RAID 5 servers, document scanning, film digitizer and software and hardware replacement at no additional charge.


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