Multifunctional and retrofitted-What’s new in radiography and fluoroscopy

You’ve surely been party to the buzz around digital radiography (DR) that’s been floating around–mostly because of the impending Medicare reimbursement cuts–so it should come as no surprise that it’s going to be a hot topic at this year’s RSNA. Somewhat in anticipation of this, Healthcare Business News recently published an article entailing the different developments in radiography and fluoroscopy across the industry in their October/November issue.

It just so happens that this informative article includes Novarad’s ChameleonDR product, and features comments from Novarad’s product manager, Steve Fowler.

Below is an excerpt from the article.

Before (left) and after (right) image processing  on the Novarad Chameleon DR retrofit system

Novarad – ChameleonDR Digital Radiography

This summer, Novarad released its Chameleon DR, the first modality for the enterprise imaging and workflow solutions company.
The DR retrofit system utilizes the company’s proprietary post-processing software, which Steve Fowler, Novarad’s director of product management, says makes the Chameleon DR stand out from other retrofit solutions.

The algorithms in the image processing software take patient size and density into account.
“The resulting images are nothing short of amazing,” Fowler says. “Physicians and technicians are seeing extremely well-balanced bone-to-tissue displays that enable more confident diagnoses.”

To learn more about digital radiography, you can find the full article by clicking here.

To learn more about Novarad’s ChameleonDR, watch the video featured below or visit this page!

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