MARZ Disaster Recovery Solution

Novarad’s focus has always been on improving radiology technology and the quality of healthcare while reducing its cost to our customers. We strive to be at the forefront of the medical imaging and informatics industry through innovation, partnerships and quality service. Currently many customers within the industry are exploring the possibility of making a Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) their secondary online storage for medical images from PACS, Cardiology and other departments. Along with providing a broader range of access to imaging data, having a VNA will allow the facility to become part of a HIE.

The MARZ VNA, created through a partnership with Dell Healthcare and Novarad, is a KLAS rated solution that provides cloud-based storage for DICOM and Non-DICOM files/images. With being stored in the Dell Unified Clinical Archive, they are secure in the world’s largest cloud-based healthcare archive. MARZ also supports indexing, lifecycle management, and EMR image enablement. The MARZ VNA is a patient centric archive equipped with the Novarad Uni-Viewer which will allow access to all medical images without leaving a footprint.

In recent months, many of our smaller facilities have turned their reading and storage responsibilities over to larger radiology groups in an effort to become more efficient. In doing so, they have converted their NovaPACS system to a MARZ VNA. This has allowed them to maintain management of their image archive while simultaneously reducing costs. This move prevents the need to re-migrate data to future radiology groups. With MARZ, if your facility is not ready for a full VNA solution, our MARZ Disaster Recovery upgrade is an easy low cost move for facilities of any size. In doing this, you enable your facility’s image management system move towards a more complete enterprise management solution. Once converted to the MARZ Disaster Recovery, the move to a full VNA is but a flip of the switch. This move will lower the cost of healthcare for any facility though innovation and a quality product. For more detailed information visit 

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