Make Remote Reading Faster: Client Requested Transfer

When reading remotely it can sometimes take longer than expected to open and ready a study. Usually this happens if images are not being sent to the workstation the radiologist is reading from. If a study has been routed to the correct workstation it will be ready to view almost immediately after it is opened. A routed study will appear green in the Filtered Studies list those that have not been routed will appear black, and will need to be retrieved from the server. The amount of time it takes for this study to be retrieved is dependent on the speed of the internet connection and the size of the study. A routed study will open faster and keep the radiologist from waiting for the study to arrive on their workstation.

When using a Novarad Enterprise Workstation we set it up as a high-speed transfer destination with an automatic route rule. This allows you to select the Enterprise Workstation from the drop-down list when routing studies.

If a radiologist is not using a Novarad Enterprise Workstation studies can be routed but the destination has to built as a Client Requested Transfer. To build the Client Requested Transfer destination the Windows name of the computer has to be known. The route to a Client Requested Transfer is only operational when a PACS user is logged onto to Novaweb from that Windows machine.

A few things to consider when using the Client Requested Transfer.
1. The route is only operational when a PACS user is logged onto Novaweb from the Windows machine.
2. The destination has a default amount of attempts to route the images to the Client Requested Transfer before it will no longer route. This number of attempts is adjustable when creating the destination.
3. If the user is logged off of the workstation the routed images are deleted.
4. A High speed transfer destination is faster than a Client Requested Transfer destination.

For additional questions or support on how to set up a Client Requested Transfer, please feel free to call us at 801-642-1001.


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