Did You Know? Create an Advanced Worklist

Did you know that users can create an advanced worklist?

Follow these steps…

  1. Select the blank or empty tab to the right of the Search worklist.
  2. Select New and the Advanced Worklist options window will expand.
  3. Create a name for the Worklist by typic it into the Worklist Name Field.
  4. Select the preferred criteria in each search field using the drop-down lists.

    Note: To set a second set of search criteria, click the button below the search criteria columns. An additional row of search criteria will appear; set as many rows of search filters as needed. To delete a row of search criteria, click the — icon to the left of the row.

  5. When you are done setting the search criteria, click the Save button at the bottom of the window. Your Advanced Worklist tab will appear to the right of the Search tab with the name you saved. A new blank worklist tab will appear next to your Advanced Worklist tab in the Study Browser window.
  6. If you have closed any of your Advanced Worklists—to no longer display them—you can access them by clicking on an Advanced Worklist tab, clicking the drop-down list next to the Advanced Worklists heading, and selecting a listed Advanced Worklist.

This post was written by Mike Schwartz, a content writer and technical expert with Novarad.

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