Did You Know? Adjust a Session Timeout

Guess what? Users are able to adjust a session timeout in the Admin Console!

By default, each role for Novarad products will be automatically logged out—or session timed out—after 1 hour of inactivity. This helps enforce security and make sure Novarad products aren’t left inadvertently exposed and displaying on a machine when the user is not there.

However, many sites want their products to time out after a shorter time duration of inactivity. On the Roles tab in the NovaPACS Admin Console, administrators can change the session timeout for each role. To change the session timeout for a role, go to the Roles tab in the NovaPACS Admin Console.

Locate the role you want to edit, select (highlight) it, and click the Edit button to the far, right-hand side of the Users tab window or double-click on the role.

The Role Editor window will open.

Click on the Session Timeout drop-down list in the Role Editor window and select a new time frame for the role’s session timeout. Changes to a role’s session timeout will affect all users of that role.

For more information on removing series, see lesson 20.3 in the NovaPACS Admin Console Quick Reference Guide, or follow the link below.

Admin Console Quick Reference Guide


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