Is Your Practice FastPractice?

Do you need a program that allows you to manage patient accounts, view unbilled procedures, and seamlessly bills insurance companies and patients? ICD- 10 and ICD- 9 coding compliance, while also providing seamless integration with your PACS, RIS, and billing systems? Here’s how Novarad’s FastPractice may be able to help.

Increased Cash Flow and Billing Consistency

FastPractice can integrate with your current billing system, making it easy for your staff to know if, when a patient comes in, there is an outstanding balance. You can then place holds on the account and flag it in your RIS system. This improves the cash flow of your facility, and prevents large bills from going unpaid after multiple treatments.

Increased Productivity

FastPractice allows the “big data” to be easily accessible even to the smallest of practices. It allows the doctors or billing managers etc. to pull spreadsheets and statements directly from your billing system. In turn, it allows these practices to easily see how the practice is doing even when they are not directly involved with the day-to-day finances.

FastPractice can also generate reports tracking workflow. When tracking workflow you can see more easily what needs to be improved leading to fewer problems and complaints.

Solving Problems through Product Integration

The biggest headache for everybody in healthcare could arguably be software integration!

Though all the products are necessary, the differences in vendors can cause headaches. FastPractice, when partnered with other members of the Novarad Diagnostic Suite, can help eliminate many of those integration headaches by providing one source to help resolve your problems! For current Novarad customers, the convenience of FastPractice cannot be understated.

Ultimately, FastPractice can help provide unity within your practice. The technologists, front desk, operations, radiologists will have better practice management given a more harmonious environment. For more information, go to our FastPractice page on our website.

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