How to Merge Patients in the RIS

Written by Tony Moreno, Implementation Engineer at Novarad

We know that sometimes things get hectic, and it’s possible that a patient might have more than one record in NovaRIS. This could happen because of a misspelled name or simply not realizing that the patient has already visited your facility. To fix this issue, the patient records need to be merged. A user will need administrator privileges to perform the Merge Patient function. Here’s a step-by-step how-to. Visuals follow.

1. Log in as a user with the Administrator role, (1) navigate to Admin==>Functions==>(2) Merge Patient.



2. From the Merge Patients screen press ‘Select’. You are going to select the Primary patient record you want to merge the other patient records into.


3. Find the patient record you want to be the Primary patient record.  Type either (1) Patient ID or (2) Last and/or First Name in the search fields.  (3) Press Search.  (4) Press the arrow next to the Patient ID if the search result matches the patient record you want to be the Primary patient record.


4. Press ‘Add’ to search for the patient records you want to merge into the Primary patient record.


5. Now press ‘Close’. You can add another patient record to merge with the Primary by pressing ‘Add’ again.


6. At the Merge Patients screen make sure the Primary patient and the patient to merge with Primary is correct. If it is correct press ‘Merge’. If the information is incorrect press ‘Reset’. You will see the message ‘Patients merged successfully’ when you press ‘Merge’.


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