How to Create a Standard Report

Follow the steps below to create a standard report.

Create a Standard Report

  1. In the Image Viewer, go to Menu, then to Study, then to Manage Report Workflow, and then Choose Datasource.
  2. Select NovaRIS, then Menu, then Reports, and then click on Standard Reports.
  3. Click on the ‘Add Standard Report’ link.
  4. Report Name: Type report name you want to see in Standard Report drop down menu.
  5. Report Text: Type the body of the report. Use ‘[‘ and ‘]’ for default variable fields.  The use of ‘[default value]’ will allow the use of the Dragon command ‘next field’ and ‘accept default values’ in your template.
  6. Click on ‘Insert.’

To use the Standard Report:

  1. In the dictation box, click on the Standard Report drop-down menu, then select Search for Standard Report.


These instructions are for a radiologist.  If the user is not a radiologist go straight to step 2.


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