How MARZ can help your HIE.

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) make it possible for information to be shared between hospitals and physicians which is beneficial to doctors and other hospital personnel. A study published in Medical News Today shows how the presence of an HIE  also benefits patients. In the study, patients were sampled in Florida and California on how beneficial an HIE system was to their healthcare experience. In the study they found that patients who were cared for in hospitals without HIEs underwent over 20,000 repeat CT scan. This statistic followed the same trend among ultrasounds, and X-rays with patients having to repeat procedures on the their second visit.

In contrast, they found that at hospitals with an HIE implemented, patients on average were on average, 57 percent less likely to receive a repeat imaging procedure. Not only does this limit patients’ exposure to radiation, but it also saves hospitals, care providers, insurance companies and patients money. In the study it was estimated that if HIE was adopted nationwide, it would reduce healthcare costs by $19 million.

HIEs clearly have many benefits to not only physicians and facilities, but to patients as well. MARZ, Novarad’s Vendor Neutral Archive, can benefit organizations looking to participate in an HIE by allowing for greater data sharing and enhanced clinical collaboration.  Data sharing between hospitals can be difficult because of the proprietary nature of hospital data, and without standardization, it can be impossible.  MARZ facilitates HIE participation by standardizing the organization’s imaging data, so that it can be more easily shared and accessed. MARZ also makes it easier for physicians and clinicians to access the data, with its zero-footprint uni-viewer. To read more about MARZ, visit the MARZ website.

Article adapted from: Medical News Today
Published: January 28, 2014

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