How Augmented Reality is Being Applied in Medicine (Part One)

With augmented reality (AR), a person can use a device to see the real world with digital images and information superimposed over it. This combination of the physical and digital world has become a game-changing trend that promises to revolutionize many aspects of life, including healthcare.

While virtual reality creates a completely different “world” within its devices, AR adds to the world we already know. This also makes AR less disorienting than virtual reality can sometimes be.

So how is AR, also called spatial computing, affecting healthcare and medical education? Here are a few examples of how AR helps healthcare providers:

Improved medical imaging

Some AR systems have the ability to display medical images directly on a patient’s body, and even when the patient is in motion. This can help physicians get a better view of a patient’s functioning, and even focus on specific areas of the body. Certain AR tools can help map out patient veins, which makes inserting IVs or drawing blood easier.

Enhanced medical training

Most educational experts agree that training and education is more effective when it is engaging and even fun. AR systems can help create an immersive experience for medical students that can improve knowledge retention.

Streamlining medical practice

Because AR tools can be effectively applied to many medical situations, they are helpful for medical professionals in their day-to-day tasks. When drawing blood, making a diagnosis, or planning a surgery can be done more accurately and easily, the improved efficiency carries over into administrative and billing activities, which can make the practice more streamlined overall.

Bring augmented reality to your surgical practice

The Novarad® Opensight® AR system is a pre-surgical planning solution built on years of advanced imaging experience. OpenSight uses the Microsoft HoloLens® headset, allowing clinicians to see 3D patient images while also seeing the patient and real-world surroundings at the same time.

Want to learn more about how Opensight can enhance your surgical practice? Contact us to schedule a demo.

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