Honing in On Patient-Centered Care

We’re all familiar with the term “customer satisfaction,” but for many years that did not translate to “patient satisfaction.” Healthcare is becoming more and competitive due to the greater ability patients now have to find and compare providers online.

With all of this information available at the touch of a screen, practices would be well-advised to make a more conscious effort in patient satisfaction.

Imaging Managers: Focus on Patient-centered Care

shutterstock_156864380This article focuses on the administrative side of imaging practices, and data-driven decision making. It addresses healthcare overall, including the importance that imaging plays within it.

Imaging leaders must focus on opportunities for growth. Developing new partnerships with referring physicians for routine imaging services, for example, is critical to your success.

Don’t leave patient out when discussing patient portals

Patient portals for primary care physicians are becoming more common. These portals can help schedule appointments, let patients view prescription histories and alternatives, lab results, etc.

There are patient portals that include patient medical images, or a way to contact the radiologist. For providers creating a patient portal with image access, this article addresses using the patient for your development feedback.

Creating a focus group of patients gives you face-to-face feedback, allows patients to feel valued and appreciated, and can increase your patient retention.

Retail Price Transparency Tips Can Boost Patient-Centered Care

This articles addresses the idea of the medical field taking cues from retailers, offering price transparency strategies that could help medical practices thrive.

This is beneficial when patients are looking at elective care procedures. They are shopping for the best price, just like you are when you’re searching for the best shutterstock_451522048price for that leather coat.

This way of thinking is causing a shift in the medical world. Medical facilities are now thinking like retailers, with the approach of attracting and retaining new patients, or “customers,” as the retail world would say.



This post was written by Allie Robinson, a business policy analyst with Novarad. 

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