Honing in On Patient-Centered Care, Part 2

With the health market becoming more and more, competitive patient-centered care is essential to medical practices and hospitals to stay on top. We aren’t likely to see any absence of patient-centered care in 2017–if anything, it’s only going to become more important as we make advancements in the technology we use.

In November, I wrote this article: Honing in On Patient-Centered Care. In it, I addressed three simple steps to patient-centered care. (Please read part one if you want more great information on making your patient care a success.)

Since then, I have had the opportunity to learn a lot more about this topic and I believe it is important to address other facets of patient-centered care to ensure your practice is a success.

The Quick Breakdown of Patient-Centered Care

The Eight Principles of Patient-Centered Care will cover the eight principles to ensure your practices success. To genuinely caring, and showing true empathy for your patients. To providing the necessary information and education that they leave your office feeling positive and hopeful.

The Challenge in Radiology

Patient-centered care has always been harder to approach in the radiology field. Most don’t come in direct contact with their patients, so what can you do to provide better patient-centered care? In the article Promoting Patient-centered Care in Radiology, it gives excellent advice for us in the radiology field, and what changes we can make to ensure confidence in our patients.

How to Influence Care, Even if Your Role is Small

A good amount of us work for big health corporations, making at times your own influence of patient-centered care more difficult is when it’s not being reinforced from the upper levels of your company. In the article, Biggest obstacles to patient-centric care? Coordination and quality measurement it provides excellent incite on how this can improve. Addressing issues between performance and quality measurements, infrastructure, etc.

Patient centered-care, along with Interoperability, will be key focuses for healthcare in 2017. Be sure to be proactive and don’t get left behind!

This post was written by Allie Robinson, a business policy analyst with Novarad. 

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