Hungry Hungry HIPAA(s)–Don’t Forget to Update Your Systems

Government regulations are ever-changing. Novarad gives you the tools to keep up. As healthcare providers, caring for patients includes protecting personal health information. Novarad works together with you to make sure you have everything your facility needs. Here are three key items we’ve noticed recently.

1. Healthcare facilities retaining non-compliant operating systems.

Windows XP is no longer HIPAA compliant. Microsoft has stopped distributing security updates for this OS, therefore, it no longer meets HIPAA standards. Windows 7, 8 and soon 10, are still HIPAA compliant. No, HIPAA policies do not outright prohibit the use of certain operating systems, however, it does have a stringent security policy.

“Any known security vulnerabilities of an operating system should be considered in the covered entity’s risk analysis (e.g., does an operating system include known vulnerabilities for which a security patch is unavailable, e.g., because the operating system is no longer supported by its manufacturer).” Source:

2. Our products are compatible only with IE 10+ and DotNet 4.0+.

Anything older than IE 10 will not work well with Novarad software. Plus, it’s always just best to be up to date.

3. HIPAA cares about your login information.

Because HIPAA requires healthcare facilities to keep an audit log, it is necessary that users have a unique login name and log in and out each time they use a machine. Although it may seem inconvenient, it’s a small price to pay for the fine a HIPAA auditor could give if they come in and see a violation. Additionally, if an auditor finds you in violation, they could take away your Meaningful Use funding.

In conclusion, we want to make sure that your facility doesn’t suffer for something we could have helped prevent. Take this as a friendly reminder and be sure to stay HIPAA compliant!


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