Getting tired of Chicago? You shouldn’t be!

RSNA is tiring for everyone who attends (if you’ve found a way around it, share your secrets please!), but after the conference day is over, Chicago is still one of the most exciting, history-filled cities in the country.

The city comes alive with all sorts of events during the holiday season, and this year is most likely still buzzing from the recent victory of the Chicago Cubs in the World Series. If you hear a rendition of “Go, Cubs, Go!” don’t be too surprised!

While the Miracle Mile and the Willis Tower are crowd favorites, here are a few other events that might pique your interest.

ChristkindlmarktChristkindlmarkt, Chicago, RSNA 2016

The Christkindlmarket is a beautiful German-inspired celebration of the holidays in the center of Chicago’s downtown.

The market is filled with holiday markets and German-inspired food along with gift shops, events for all ages, music, costumes, and a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that combines the German culture with the flare that only Chicago has to offer.

RSNA 2016, Zoolights


ZooLights Website

The ZooLights is another holiday celebration that combines the Lincoln Park Zoo with spectacular lights.

Event offerings such as warm spiced wine and frosty lagers along with delicious holiday snacks are always a crowd-pleaser. Live light shows, carousels, and ice-sculpture carving are all a part of this magical once-a-year event that happens to coincide with RSNA.


Broadway in ChicagoBroadway, Hamilton, RSNA 2016

Always popular in Chicago are Broadway productions. During the week of RSNA, PrivateBank Theater will be hosting performances of the hit musical, Hamilton.

While tickets may be hard to find, this award-winning musical is the story of America’s first Treasury Secretary during the Revolutionary War and beyond. Featuring a unique soundtrack and score that combines many different genres of music, it’s certain to please anyone interested in history or Broadway.

Wendella Sightseeing Boats/Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Tours

RSNA 2016Wendella Sightseeing Boats

Chicago Trolley

Having married a Chicagoan, I have been lucky enough to have a father-in-law who could probably be a very good tour guide if he ever wanted to.

For those of you who don’t have an “in” with a local, the Wendella sightseeing boats and Chicago Trolley are the best ways to get the best views of the city along with some fascinating information about the Windy City that you can bring home to your offices and wow everyone with your newfound knowledge.

Adler After Dark – Adler Planetarium

From 6:00pm-10:00pm the Alder Planetarium hosts a 21+ evening that offers live entertainment, full access and admission to the museum, exhibits,jupiter and galleries, great views of the famous Chicago skyline, and unlimited sky shows in 3 state-of-the-art theaters.

Admission varies from $20 and $25 at the door (depending on availability). Depending on the event or special offers, there may be unique pricing available.

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