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MARZUV In order to make the most of the golden six minutes with patients, Novarad’s Universal Viewer is one of the best tools at your disposal. Being able to see the entire puzzle is vital to making a proper diagnosis. Experience the whole patient puzzle with the Universal Viewer, which allows providers to see clinical multimedia from throughout the facility, regardless of department. From lab results, cardiology reports, surgery notes, and so many other files all the way down the list to even internet links, all can be viewed on the same screen.
MARZVNA Because Novarad’s Vendor Neutral Archive is standards-based, users can theoretically apply any artificial intelligence or computer-assisted diagnostics against the data it stores. This prepares providers for the way data will likely be handled in the future, opening it up for analytics by standardizing it. Armed with standardized, non-proprietary data, you will be ready to adopt groundbreaking products that have not yet been invented, but sit at the horizon of medicine, such as the ability to predict population health by overlaying current data over years’ worth of prior imaging data. Because of its truly vendor-neutral storage format, our VNA offers freedom to change applications at any time—business agility that most PACS companies simply don’t want providers to have.
NovaPACS NovaPACS has been designed from the ground up by radiologists, for radiologists. Built as a completely scalable solution, NovaPACS can be used in imaging centers, or as a part of a complete enterprise imaging strategy. Our feature-rich PACS system is completely customizable. This allows optimization of each user’s profile based on the unique needs and demands of radiologists, improving both speed and efficiency. The NovaPACS new user interface can display reports, priors and patient histories right alongside the most current image studies.

A Custom Built Solution.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to you, the provider. We craft our solutions with you, the future of your practice, and the evolution of the industry in mind. You’ll be prepared for anything on the horizon with the image viewing capabilities of the MARZ Patient-Centric Universal Viewer, the non-proprietary data storage of the MARZ Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA). This, part of a complete enterprise imaging solution powered by NovaPACS which delivers a full suite of radiology tools to help your radiology department operate with maximum efficiency.